Lowestoft and Tasmanian Wines Highly Reviewed in the Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Lowestoft and Tasmanian Wines Highly Reviewed in the Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Highly acclaimed Australian wine writer Erin Larkin (formerly of the Halliday Wine Companion) recently reviewed a range of Tasmanian wine for the internationally renowned wine publication, Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

We are extremely proud that Lowestoft was featured among Erin's highest rated Tasmanian Sparkling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in her recent report. 

On the exceptional place that is Tasmania, Erin said:

"Tasmania is a picturesque, cool-climate wine region that is located south of mainland Australia and is known for its pristine environment and unique geography, including cool coastal breezes and ancient soils.

"These factors, combined with Tasmania's cool and maritime climate, allow for the production of very high-quality wines that are gaining in their regional distinction and recognition.

"For such a small place, it is one of incredible beauty, respected spirits, hyperlocal culinary delights and vastly overachieving wine producers. By that, of course, I am referring to the super high quality (and scarce quantity) of the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and sparkling wine produced on the island." 

The following reviews were among some of the most highly reviewed and rated Tasmanian wines, published in the February 2023 issue of the Robert Parker Wine Advocate:

Lowestoft 2016 Grand Reserve

"The 2016 Grand Reserve Méthode Traditionelle sparkling is complex and riddled with autolytic complexity. It has notes of beeswax, cheesecloth, preserved citrus, field mushroom, autumnal undergrowth (i.e., damp leaves, forest floor, etc.), star anise, stewed apple and even a hint of fresh sourdough. This is a very good, very fine, powerful wine. Balanced."

- 94 Points

Lowestoft 2017 Rosé

"The 2017 Rosé Methode Traditionelle is pretty and layered with spicy strawberry, redcurrants, pink peppercorns and a sluice of briney acidity through the middle palate that shapes the course of the fruit. This is a lovely wine, really well done, super elegant. Impressive."

- 93 Points

Lowestoft 2020 La Maison Pinot Noir

"The 2020 La Maison Pinot Noir is complex and spicy from the very first. Layers of orange rind, clove, star anise, Earl Grey tea and saffron/turmeric (in the range of yellow spices) jostle with the expected (but no less welcome) cherry, cranberry, redcurrant and pomegranate. The tannins, once in the mouth, feel chalky/dusty/chewy, almost... a plume, rather than a wall. This is a beautiful wine that is graceful, powerful and detailed. Very good."

- 95 Points

Lowestoft 2020 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir

"The 2020 Single Vineyard Jacoben Pinot Noir is silky and bright in the mouth, with layers of red berry fruit, interspersed by exotically spiced whole-bunch complexity. There are distinct mushroom nuances of enoki and forest floor. The tannins are arranged in a ductile splay across the palate and give rise to the buoyant, almost bouncy fruit. This is concentrated, spicy and very good. Very good, indeed." 

- 94 Points

Lowestoft 2020 Pinot Noir

"The 2020 Estate Pinot Noir is spicy and bright, less complex than the Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, but no less delicious. There are notes of red cherries, strawberries, red apples and a drop of green olive brine. Drink it in the next 7 years, to capture the fruit with primary zeal." 

- 93 Points

Lowestoft 2020 Chardonnay

"The 2020 Estate Chardonnay is intensely concentrated in the mouth: acidity, flavor and texture are all packed in to the hilt. The wine gives the impression of needing (or wanting) to unfurl, to stretch out; perhaps a decant would give it the space it needs. As it stands, after plenty of swirling and agitation of the glass, salted yellow peach, red apple skins, preserved citrus and yellow grapefruit emerge. Underpinning it all is the unfettered flow of Tasmanian acidity: juicy, bright, enlivening. Mouthwatering. All in all, this is a big wine, almost bolshy, with powerful fruit and scintillating acidity."

- 94+ Points

Please note that + indicates a wine that the reviewer believes has the potential to improve over a period of time in bottle and may warrant a higher score in a subsequent/future tasting. 

Lowestoft 2021 Chardonnay

"Tasted beside the 2020, this 2021 Estate Chardonnay is finer and tighter; the acidity has a rapier-like cut and thrust and engages in a parry with the fruit on the mid-palate. It has notes of preserved citrus, yellow peach, curry leaf and juniper—a hint of sage, even? There are elements in here that teeter on the brink of green, but it provides balance, depth and edge to what is otherwise a very concentrated (almost yellow-fruited) wine." 

- 95 Points

Congratulations to Chief Winemaker Liam McElhinney, Viticulturist Fred Peacock and the whole Lowestoft winemaking and vineyard teams on these exceptional reviews. 

The full report can be read here (please note a Wine Advocate membership is required to read the full report). 

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